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Special Effects

Textured Foiling Dies

As the recognised market leader in the texturing process, Tomlinson offers an extensive library comprising over 150 quality patterns and prismatic designs to choose from.

Textured designs provide the cost-effective alternative to the more expensive choice of holographic foils.  The patterns are etched into the stamping dies, therefore only standard plain foils are required.  This technique also gives you the opportunity to use more than one pattern per design, and allows the designer the choice and freedom to select areas and images for special finishes.

Any pattern can be included into a combination die, allowing foiling, embossing and texturing to be achieved in a single machine pass.

In addition to the existing library of designs, why not let the studio incorporate your own ideas or logos into eye catching effects, ensuring your products stand out from the rest and give added value to your print.

With artistic imagination, Tomlinson’s highly skilled studio technicians and engravers continue to push the boundaries of decorative foil effects.

The Tomlinson sales team can supply, on request, samples of the latest “contour” and “fluted” textures and eye catching “photo” foil dies. As well as being highly decorative, these foil finishes play an important role in the security print sector.

The only limitation is your IMAGINATION !