At Tomlinson Ltd, we manufacture foiling and embossing dies for sheet-fed applications.

Because die-making is all we do, and have done since 1927, it’s our area of expertise. Whatever you require, be it a magnesium flat foiling die or a brass sculptured and textured multi-level embossing die, Tomlinson’s is the company to call.

By combining the latest digital technology with traditional engraving skills and etching processes, we create unrivalled quality foiling and embossing dies for all kinds of applications.

Customer Service

At Tomlinson’s, we take a personalised approach to customer service thereby forging lasting partnerships. We take the time to get to know you and your individual needs and specifications helping to ensure you achieve the best possible finished print, and making future ordering easy.

What’s more, freely sharing our industry knowledge and creative insight is at the heart of our customer service ethos and truly sets us apart.

Industry Leaders

Tomlinson’s is an innovative and forward-thinking company. Testament to this is our ever-expanding CNC machine shop where we now cut high-quality brass foiling dies containing a level of detail that was formerly only achievable etched in copper.

IMG 5091

In addition, Tomlinson’s were the first to develop an innovative online 'eBrochure' to demonstrate the full range of effects our expert dies can create. This facility offers both customers and print designers around the world a sustainable and convenient digital alternative to physical foiled and embossed samples.

Browse our full range of foil stamping and embossing products or visit our gallery to be inspired by the array of stunning finishes attainable using Tomlinson’s high-end dies.

Tomlinson Ltd - blending technology with tradition.