Hero flat foiling

From greeting cards and book covers to luxury stationery, invitations and packaging, flat foil finishes add prestige, luxury, desirability and value to printed products.

To create a flat foil finish, a die is heated on a press to stamp a flat, metallic impression onto the chosen substrate resulting in an impressive, mirror-like print of the chosen design.

At Tomlinson’s, we manufacture high-quality flat foiling dies in magnesium and brass in a selection of thicknesses (gauges) suited to your unique needs and application.

Visit our Gallery pages to see examples of the fine finishes Tomlinson’s flat foiling dies can achieve.

Which metal is best for your application?


Tomlinson’s magnesium flat foiling dies are among the best on the market. Expertly chemically etched and finished, our magnesium dies are recommended for short to medium press runs due to the metal’s softer properties.

Suitable for all kinds of products, such as luxury invitations, business cards and letterheads to name a few, magnesium is a cost-effective option and can be produced in quick turnaround times here at Tomlinson’s. What’s more, all our magnesium flat foiling dies are deep-etched as standard, so you’ll never need to worry about edges picking up on press.

Magnesium Size and Gauge Guide

Tomlinson Ltd can produce magnesium Flat Foiling Dies in a range of thicknesses and sizes to suit your needs.

Standard Gauges: 1.63mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6.35mm and 7mm

Maximum plate size: 610 x 914mm

Below: Beautifully illustrated books from The Folio Society.


Tomlinson’s brass flat foiling dies offer an excellent solution for longer print runs and/or demanding substrates such as heavier board or leather.

Hard and durable, brass flat foiling dies are precision-cut by CNC here at Tomlinson’s and are suitable for extended runs of book covers, greeting cards, luxury packaging and labels, among many other printed products. Tomlinson’s brass dies can also hold and reproduce an impressive amount of fine detail.

Brass dies can be an economical choice when a project requires multiple dies, and because we archive all digital files here in our studio, identical duplicate dies can be run at a moment’s notice.

Turnaround times vary dependent upon the image so please contact us with details of your design.

Brass Size and Gauge Guide

Tomlinson Ltd can produce brass Flat Foiling Dies in a range of thicknesses and sizes to suit your needs.

Standard Gauges: 4mm, 5mm, 6.35mm and 7mm, however brass dies can also be machined to other bespoke thicknesses so please just let us know your needs at the time of ordering.

Maximum Plate Size: 730mm x 510mm

Below: Preparing the artwork; brass die; die finishing.

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