Environment hero

Here at Tomlinson, we consider ourselves an environmentally responsible business. We are constantly reviewing not only our daily working practices but also our culture as a whole as we aim to work in the most sustainable way possible. From the efficient choices of the resources we use, through to preventing pollution, minimising waste and the promotion of our recycling policies to our staff and suppliers, there are many ways we are looking to evolve our environmental policy.

Our environmental aims

As a business we aim to go further than simply complying to environmental legislation. We are aiming to integrate environmental best practice throughout our company and supply chain. Minimising our carbon footprint, considering the environment when procuring goods and services, considering the environment in the services and solutions we provide our customers, efficient use of energy and utilities in our business, reducing fuel consumption, working with local businesses, neighbours, partners and suppliers to improve our local environment – these are just some of the ways we are striving to improve the day to day running of our business.

Waste management and recycling

A great example of how we are working towards a sustainable future is our relationship with our local Leicester based partners T. Watts Waste, who are specialists in recovering resources from all waste streams. T. Watts continue to invest in up-to-date segregation equipment, increasing the percentage of materials that can be recovered from our waste, which previously would have been bound for landfill. They collect and recycle glass, cardboard, paper, wood, metal and many plastics. A large volume of the waste goes for RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). Both Watts and Tomlinson are committed to minimise the quantity of waste to landfill and obtain an approximate 95% recycling rate.

We continue to monitor and review our green policy as ultimately the effect we have on the environment is of paramount importance to us.