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Counterforces - also known as ‘forces’ - contain the mirror-image of a die’s engraved detail and are used in conjunction with embossing, debossing and fluted foiling dies.

Counterforces ensure that a precise impression of the die’s detail and depth is achieved on press. This precision decreases machine make-ready time and increases efficiency thereby reducing set-up costs.

At Tomlinson’s, we manufacture high-quality counterforces to suit specific machine requirements which can be used with magnesium, brass and aluminium dies.

2020011413 36 21 COUNTERFORCE resin
2020011314 09 21 COUNTERFORCE kv resin
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KV and Resin

Tomlinson’s KV Counterforces are made from a custom blend of vinyl co-polymer and are quite flexible. Our Resin Counterforces consist of a robust glass-reinforced epoxy board onto which a tough, heat-resistant polyurethane polymer is cast to create a mirror-image of the die.

Both types of counterforce can be manufactured with a base thicknesses of 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm. Counterforces that accompany our Fluted Foiling Dies come with pre-drilled registration holes and a location pin system for ease and accuracy of machine set-up.

Made-Away Counterforces

When required, Tomlinson’s manufacture ‘made-away’ counterforces which allow greater image contact while minimising marking from die and/or counterforce edges. This is particularly important when working with metallic laminate boards, papers and high gloss varnishes which are more susceptible to marking and burnishing.

Made-away counterforces are moulded from a separate ‘counter-die’ which can be safely stored here at Tomlinson’s should additional counterforces be required in the future.

Contact our friendly team to learn more about our range of counterforces and how they can help you achieve the best possible end result on your next embossing, debossing or fluted foil project.