Hero counterforces2

Counterforces (also known as "forces") are used in conjunction with emboss, deboss and fluted foil dies. Produced to match specific machine requirements, they ensure that a precise impression of the image is achieved. Thus, machine make-ready time and cost is minimised. To aid accuracy of set-up, all brass fluted foil dies and counterforces are supplied with register holes and locations pins.

Counterforces can be used with brass, aluminium and magnesium dies. KV counterforces are made from a custom blend of vinyl co-polymer and are quite flexible and good in cold applications. Resin counterforces consist of a robust glass reinforced epoxy board, onto which a tough, heat resistant polyurethane polymer is cast to create a mirrored image of the die. Both types can be made with base thicknesses of 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm.

When required, made-away counterforces are manufactured which allow greater image contact, but minimise marking from both the edges of the die and counters. This is particularly important when metallic laminate boards, papers and high build gloss varnishes are used that are susceptible to marking and burnishing. These special counterforces are manufactured from a separate counter-die which can be stored should additional counterforces be required in the future.

Below: 4.8mm location pin system, counterforce swatch, sprung loaded location pin system

2020011413 36 21 COUNTERFORCE resin
2020011314 09 21 COUNTERFORCE kv resin
2020011413 31 09 COUNTERFORCE resin