Hero emboss

Embossing raises an image off the substrate of your choice, ideal for giving your print a contemporary look and tactility.

Typical applications include business cards, greeting cards, and invitations. Company logos, custom illustrations and designs can be given luxurious effects. Our skills offer designers the choice and freedom to select areas and images for maximum effect.

Single Level Embossing raises the image above the stock level up to a fixed height. The dies are easily produced by either CNC machining or chemically etching.

2020020516 13 16 BROCHURE EMBOSS FOIL greeting card
2020020516 12 27 BROCHURE EMBOSS flat FOIL greeting card
2020020516 11 45 BROCHURE EMBOSS FOIL greeting card

Magnesium dies are used for single level embossing and are easily made. They are suitable for shorter production runs.

Below: Marabelle Gin label, Emboss sample, Georg Jensen Emboss sample.

Marabelle Gin 1
2018052314 06 28 BROCHURE emboss multilevel tomlinson tea pot and cup
Georg Jensen

Copper dies are harder than magnesium and are ideal for longer production runs. They too are used for single level embossing.

Below: Copper etching machine; CNC machining; part finished dies.

Copper etching emboss 20191111 1235724
Cnc copper emboss 20191112 1444894
Copper emboss 20191112 1547940

Brass dies are the most durable of all and as such are used for the longest production runs. In addition to single-level designs, multi-level emboss options create sculptured effects that emphasise areas of an image. Our experienced team mix traditional techniques with the latest technology to create realistic impressions and illusions of three-dimensional images.

Below: 3D computer simulation; CNC machining; embossed card.

Brass emboss multilevel studio 3 D PDF Model 191127 121856 Edit
Cnc 20191017 1153157
Brochure emboss multilevel emboss 191126 121356 10

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