We launched our proofing service in response to working alongside brand owners and agencies. We bring practical advice to creative conversations about materials, foils and many other techniques.

We are here to ensure that customers choose the best combinations of materials and tooling to realise their designs. Our proofing service removes the risk of committing to considerable investment, only to find out that incorrect choices were made.

At the conceptual stage of a project, we can provide a colour coded PDF and a computer simulated 3D model of a proposed idea. These can then be modified and developed until they satisfy the design and artistic specification. Finally, in order to fully check what has been agreed, we can produce real life samples. These will extensively test the suitability of the chosen materials, foils, embossing depths and other printing process criteria.

By being involved in our customer's creative conversations from the outset, we can help save time, cost and also add value to many types of projects.

If you’re a printer or designer and want to discuss this bespoke service, please don't hesitate to get in touch.