Here at Tomlinson’s, we offer our decades of die-making experience and practical advice in relation to materials, foils, and foiling and embossing products and techniques, to help brand owners and agencies realise their design concepts.

Our proofing service ensures that the best combinations of materials and tooling are selected to achieve the desired results, thereby eliminating the risk of an unsuccessful finished print due to under-informed choices.

At a project’s conceptual stage, Tomlinson’s can provide a colour-coded PDF and computer-simulated 3D model of a proposed idea. These are then modified and developed until they best represent the unique artwork and design specification.

Finally, in order to fully check what has been agreed, we can produce real life samples which will extensively test the suitability of the chosen materials, foils, embossing depths and other printing process criteria.

To learn more about Tomlinson’s bespoke proofing service, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.