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Ginger Singh-Kauldhar

A Warm Welcome to Tomlinson Newcomers

Following the challenges and uncertainty of early 2020, 2021 has been an incredibly busy year for Tomlinson’s, so-much-so that the company has happily welcomed new members of staff into the ‘Tomlinson family’.

“We’ve been reaping the benefits of both our cohesive response to the pandemic,” divulges Production Director, Jon Colburt, “and our investment in new machinery this year. Both factors have meant that Tomlinson’s is now even busier than ever and we’re thrilled to be in a position to take on new staff.”.

Fuller introductions to Tomlinson’s new co-owners will be forthcoming in the first newsletter of 2022 - so don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!

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Callum Hayto - Finishing and Jyoti Ranpura - Customer Services