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Ginger Singh-Kauldhar

Introducing the Luscher

Staying ahead of the curve with "what’s new in technology" is something that comes naturally at Tomlinson. Our Luscher MultiDX machine is a computer-to-plate (CTP) imagesetter.

Historically, our customer's artwork was transferred to metal plates using traditional photographic film based techniques. Today, digital artwork is easily transfered from our Studio, directly to the Luscher where precision lasers directly expose the plates at a resolution of 2400dpi. The result is a faithful reproduction of the customer's image: the machine eliminates the quality issues that are inherent with using film. Today, we can chemically etch plates with finer detail and virtually no image imperfections. Additionally, by customising and adapting the machine's print queuing and visualisation software we have dramatically reduced our overall processing time and internal waste.

If you're interested to know more about the machine and what it can do for you, then give us a call.

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