Ginger Singh-Kauldhar

Brian Trist plain
Andy Myring plain

Left to right: Brian Trist and Andrew Myring

Tomlinson Ltd, takes pride in manufacturing and consistently delivering high-quality products alongside friendly, responsive and personalised customer service. The three company directors, to their immense credit, recognise that this is largely due to the continuous efforts of their skilled, knowledgeable and loyal workforce.

Numerous members of the Tomlinson production team have been with the company for many years - often measured in double-figures. Business Development Director, Ginger Singh-Kauldhar, expresses deep appreciation of each member’s loyalty and commitment. “Our production team are our unsung heroes,” he states, “and it’s so important to convey just how valued each person in that team truly is.”.

It is refreshing to hear this as, all too easily, the individual efforts of the people who lie behind the doors of a successful business can tend to go unnoticed. Ginger adds, “Businesses cannot reach their full potential without the ongoing support of a loyal, cohesive and knowledgable workforce - or, in the case of Tomlinson’s, ‘co-owners’, as the firm is an employee-owned company.”. In a specialised sector such as die-manufacturing this is especially true as invaluable skills are honed and accumulated over time.