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Having been around for almost a century, UK die-maker, Tomlinson Ltd, has embraced numerous technological advances.

Quick to establish its own online presence, Tomlinson developed a traditional-looking website in the late 1990’s, which largely spotlighted the impressive print finishes created using foiling and embossing dies: as demonstrated by many well-known and big-name brands. Whilst this website enabled the wider world to find and communicate with Tomlinson, the rapid growth and accessibility of the world-wide-web over subsequent years meant that it was not serving the company as effectively as it could.

In contrast, Tomlinson’s new website launched in December 2019, squarely focuses on the company’s industry-renowned products, skills, capabilities and impressive technology.

The new website is modern, sleek, confident and bold. It is easy to navigate and comprehensively illustrates Tomlinson’s manufacturing expertise with respect to foiling and embossing dies. In addition, featured web videos not only serve to demonstrate the superb finishes that Tomlinson’s bespoke dies can produce, but are also educational and engaging for newcomers showing the endless and exciting possibilities of special finishing.

New Website Aims

Tomlinson have approached the development of their new website (and overall rebranding) with some specific objectives in mind. Among them are:

  • To convey a fresh, contemporary image to the world which reflects an increasingly younger workforce.
  • To encourage up-coming designers to incorporate foiling, embossing, debossing and other exciting and eye-catching print-finishing effects into their designs.
  • To expand the company’s client-base and forge new longterm business associations - both nationally and internationally.
  • To communicate that Tomlinson Ltd is a forward-thinking company which is unafraid to invest in its image, people, processes and technology.
  • To further cement Tomlinson’s reputation as a market leader in the die-making industry far into the future.

The creation of this new website is a part of more expansive journey, one of completely rebranding following internal restructuring which you can learn more about here.

Are you a designer? Contact us to find out more about what Tomlinson do and how we can help bring your creative ideas and designs to life with unique and innovative printfinishing effects. We’d love to hear from you.

Or, why not get social and connect with Tomlinson on Linked-In, Instagram and Twitter.

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